Jarod helped by Project Hope

10 06 2012

Image*Jarod* led a very active life as a Cobb County Fireman and as a financial planner in a side business that he was building for his family. Jarod was involved in an automobile accident that left him with a C5-C7 spinal cord injury. Jarod, a self described Type A personality, took on the challenge working his hardest in his inpatient and Day Program therapies but his left brachial plexus prohibited him from fully benefiting from his therapy until it was healed.Jarod went home using a power chair.

Transportation became a real problem for Jarod as he had no way to transport his power chair and hoyer transfers were so difficult for he and his wife. As a result, Jarod hardly ever left his home. Jarod’s desire was to get back into therapy so that he could work on his strength and endurance and eventually by able to return to the Day Program where he would work on higher levels of functioning and greater independence.

This is where Project Hope made his desire a reality. Through the generous funds of Project Hope, Jarod was able to rent a modified van for a two-month period. Jarod returned to both physical and occupational therapy, he and his wife were able to attend peer support meetings, and Jarod was able to participate in activities that he had not been able to do since his discharge from Shepherd.

Jarod returned to Day Program and was able to achieve his goal of doing transfers without the use of a hoyer, thus allowing him to get out more frequently in the community. Jarod has imminent goals to purchase a vehicle of his own and plans to return to full-time work with the county. He credits the ability to return to therapy as a real turning point in his increased independence.

To learn more about Project Hope, please click here.




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